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Unleashing innovation at scale for a smarter, more efficient healthcare

We’re always learning.

At Exponential AI, we operate on trust and respect. We’ve created an atmosphere that fosters curiosity, innovation and continuous learning. Our participative culture enables the exploration and expression of each individuals talents and interests. We empower our people to do what they love and do it in the best way – collaboratively, and with the right amount of delegation and autonomy

We take pride in our people.

A compilation of day-to-day moments, employee reflections, and celebrations at Exponential AI. Join our employees and see what they love the most about us.

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Core Values

right things

Core Values

Stay true to your values even when no one is looking and even when it’s hard. Integrity isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. 

we b4 me

We Before Me 

Treat co-workers and clients with respect, kindness, and empathy. Embrace diversity and inclusivity in everything you do. 


Make Waves, Innovate 

Be curious, lead by example, and challenge the status quo. We don't just ride the waves, we're the ones who create them. 


Unlock Your Potential

We encourage ongoing learning by offering a substantial annual grant for pursuing courses and certifications to propel your career forward

Harmonize Work & Life

We value balance—our flexible hours and remote work options accommodate diverse work habits and lifestyles. 

Well-Being Matters

Our generous health cover extends to employees' parents, and we provide on-demand, complimentary medical consultations via Practo.

Let’s grow together

We’re growing exponentially! Explore current openings, find a position that excites you, and submit your application.
Business System Analyst

3-5 years experience


Senior Machine Learning Engineer

3-5 years experience


Python Developer/Software Engineer

2-4 years experience


ML Engineer

2-4 years experience


Technical Content Writer

2-6 years experience


UI Lead

6-10+ years experience


Senior Python Developer/Senior Software Engineer

3-5 years experience


What to expect when you apply

Our hiring process consists of 4 simple steps designed to help us get to know you and give you the opportunity
to learn about Exponential AI as a company. We welcome your questions (and suggestions) at every stage!

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The first step is getting to know you better and understanding your experience, as well as providing an overview of the position you’re applying for and Exponential AI as a whole.
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Depending on the role you’re pursuing, this step allows you to demonstrate your skill set through a task/assignment or by giving us a detailed rundown of your background.

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This conversation will focus on competency-based questions related to our company mission and values. It’s also your chance to ensure our values align with your own.
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Final Chat

Feedback time! We strive to deliver feedback promptly after your culture interview and – hopefully – this is where you’ll receive an offer to join our team.

Say Hello!

Introduce yourself, and if we have a role that looks like a great fit, we’ll reach out.