Accelerating evidence-based decision making and enterprise automation using AI

Exponential AI included in Gartner's 2019 Hype Cycle for AI

What We Do

Exponential AI — drastically accelerates the process of building, deploying, and scaling enterprise grade AI solutions enabling evidence-based decision making, accelerating automation of complex enterprise processes, and continuously gathering feedback to nurture and curate the strategic and operational knowledge.


Orchestrate services and AI for solutions


Extract and Enrich with feedback & learning


Explore using Semantic relationships and AI


Recommend and predict using actionable insights


Measure using real time analysis of digital workers

Technology for delivering business results

Automate key processes  |  Derive actionable intelligence   |   Accelerate digital transformation


Enso, an Enterprise AI platform allows you to orchestrate industrialized AI features to accelerate solutions development and drastically decrease time to deployment and production.

Enso Pulse

Pulse offers real-time operational and financial insight, an integrated dashboard to oversee AI assets, digital workers, application instances and processes components.

Enso Spectrum

Spectrum offers visual data exploration, data profiling, metadata curation, master data management and insights exploration. Enso Spectrum is in Beta, coming in 2020.

Our Methodology

Our methodology delivers value to organizations by enabling the delivery of production-ready AI solutions in as little as three months. This methodology finds its roots in system thinking and agile approaches, allowing teams to collaborate in the exploration of their goals, validate the feasibility of their vision, and swiftly deliver solutions that are relevant to their business and customers, while creating a foundation to expand upon for the next iterations.

Advisory Workshop

Identify opportunities in creating business value with AI

Prototype Implementation

Demonstrate your data, as interpreted by AI models

Production Ready Solution

Deploy in production, and start creating business value

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AI solutions developed for your industry

Exponential AI helps enterprises increase customer engagement, improves complex enterprise decision making, reduce operational expenses  and boosts operational efficiency.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Exponential AI enables healthcare organizations to increase patient engagement, improve complex decision making, reduce operational expenses and drive superior health outcomes.

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Consumer & Retail

Exponential AI enables consumer and retail enterprises to drive personalized customer engagement, boosts operational efficiency and enable real time evidence based decision making.

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Financial Services

Exponential AI enables financial services organizations to reimagine customer engagement, improve regulatory compliance, reduce operational expenses and automate complex processes.

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The Difference is Exponential

Exponential AI delivers for global leaders



Exponential AI Recognized in Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2020 for Decision Intelligence and Composite AI

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12 Things Pop Culture Gets Wrong About Artificial Intelligence

Florian Quarre, Exponential AI, weighs in on the 12 things pop culture gets wrong about AI, and what the public should know instead.

How can AI help your organization?

Automate key processes  |  Derive actionable insights  |   Enable evidence-based decision making