We accelerate AI adoption at an Enterprise Level

Our production ready, Decision Intelligence Platform (Enso), Integrated and reusable Decision Agent ecosystem and Healthcare domain expertise empowers our clients to take full control of their AI journey.

Deliver Real-Time Healthcare Decisions

Embed Decision Intelligence into processes using Decision Agents. Agents are Intelligent Digital Workers trained to make decisions like humans. They can be easily trained to become functional experts that continuously learn from feedback to improve decision-making across your processes.

Accelerate AI Adoption

Enso is a Decision Intelligence Platform that simplifies building, orchestrating, and managing decision agents at scale. It comes with pre-built decision agents, which you can easily assemble to build Decision Intelligence solutions for any process.

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Automated Decisions Delivered by Decision Agents Every Day

Data points analyzed for Decision-making

Decision Agents built deployed and managed on Enso

Getting Started Is Easy


Explore our portfolio of healthcare solutions to see if one of them can help you make better decisions today.

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Custom Build

Leverage Enso to build unique Decision Intelligence solutions that can best address your business challenges.

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Leverage Exponential AI’s Consulting Services for high impact AI Strategy that delivers for your current and future goals.

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Companies that trust us with their AI journeys

How can decision intelligence help your organization?

Adopt and scale intelligent decision making across your enterprise to boost engagement and enhance operational efficiencies.