Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is application of multiple intelligent (AI) and decision making technologies to create zero-touch processes for enabling autonomous digital processes at scale. Decision intelligence provides transparent, predictable and explainable machine decisions that continuously get better from data and decisions.

Accelerate Decision Intelligence adoption with Decision Agents

Getting started on the Decision Intelligence journey is easy with Decision Agents – Intelligent Digital Workers, that can be easily trained to make decisions like humans. Agents can be trained to become experts and continuously learn from decisions they have made and the feedback they receive to continuously improve decision making across your processes.


We offer our Decision Intelligence Platform Enso that simplifies building, orchestrating and managing decision agents at scale. Enso comes with prebuilt agents which can easily be assembled along with custom built agents to build Decision Intelligence solutions that continuously improve with data and decisions.

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Automated Decisions Delivered by Decision Agents Every Day

Data points analyzed for Decision Making

Decision Agents built deployed and managed on Enso

How to get started with Decision Intelligence

Healthcare Solutions

Explore our industry solutions to see if one of our turnkey solutions can help you make decisions today

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Custom Solutions

Leverage our no code platform, Enso to build and manage unique Decision Intelligence solutions that can best address your business challenges

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Adopt and scale intelligent decision making across your enterprise to boost engagement and enhance operational efficiencies.