Enterprise AI Platform for evidence based decision making and automation of enterprise processes

The Benefits of Enso AI


Enso allows you to deploy in weeks, not months enabling rapid acceleration of business transformation. 

Continuous Learning

Enso enables continuous improvement in the enterprise by learning from both implicit and explicit feedback. 


Enso provides enterprise features of scalability and security with tremendous flexibility to extend the platform. 


Enso comes with pre-built assets, pre-trained models, ontologies, dictionaries, datasets etc that accelerate rapid development.  

Intuitive Solutions Orchestration

Enso visual toolkit gives you drag and drop functionality to build custom process workflows and solutions to integrate with your existing business processes. It allows you to orchestrate multiple services to create an end to end business automation solutions. In-built scalability and pre-built components across domains enable you to get your solutions to production within weeks. Enso’s inbuilt data-lineage and audit log tracker ensures all solutions built are traceable and easy to maintain run-time

Data Sourcing & Capture

With Enso, you can rapidly configure data ingestion pipelines for real-time data capture across different sources like API, Emails,  SFTP, big-data stores and datalakes. Enso reads all types of data formats ranging across text, images, audio files and spreadsheet and converts them to a standardized format that learning models can read and execute

Image Processing & OCR

Enso’s in-built OCR recognition and document decomposition models convert unstructured and structured documents into machine readable data. These modules come with in-built noise processing filters and image auto-enhancement capabilities enable you to process low resolution images as well.

Text Analytics and NLP

Enso’s NLP engine is integrated into document processing outputs that can be plugged into any knowledge extraction and entity linking framework easily. Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities are also used for entity tagging, intent extraction and text classifications and you can also define rules for statistical and semantic text analysis.

Domain Initialization

Teach Enso your language. Reduce the time taken to infuse domain specific knowledge into your models and processes with Enso’s in-built vocabularies that are readily compatible with your models. You can additionally initialize your domain through domain definitions, model your knowledge ecosystem with domain-specific vocabulary, upload external dictionaries and term corpuses, enable hierarchical term linking and support your domain-specific ontologies and domain-linked data.

AI and ML Models Management

You can build, test, train, optimize,  experiment and deploy machine learning and AI  models with ease, accessing prebuilt domain-specific models and assets to enable rapid development. Enso enables you to assess and compare various model performance in a visual interface. You can integrate and upload models built on other data science platforms or frameworks, and you can version and trace all assets, models, and data for transparency and reusability.

Enso Store

The Enso Store is a one-stop destination to access prebuilt functions, services and AI & ML modules specific to your domain or use-case. The Enso Store gives you the ability to store custom built assets for re-use across the enterprise, and allows you access to external assets such as data, vocabularies, models and more.

ML Ops

All models, solutions and pipelines built on Enso are ready to be deployed to production environments be-it on-prem or any other cloud infrastructure like AWS/Azure. Everything is versioned and deployed using a configurable code pipeline to ensure a smooth transition from development to production environments.  All solutions have automated scalability and traceability out of the box so that devops engineers need not worry about volume management. Enso solutions have in-built monitoring tools that allow you to identify failures and manage feedback loops in real-time.

Exponential AI’s Enso Platform enabled us to rapidly extract meaningful information from medical charts enabling multiple business outcomes for our different clients.

Chief Digital OfficerLeading Healthcare Company

Exponential AI has been a tremendous partner in enabling us to implement AI as a hybrid solution offering across multiple industries within our portfolio.

Practice LeadLead Consulting Firm

Exponential AI’s team was very easy to work with and understood our business very well. They helped us identify opportunities for us of AI to improve business outcomes.

DirectorFortune 100 Company

In six weeks, we were able to create proof of value for our stake holders. Such quick turn around enabled the client to make an informed decision for using Ai in their business.

Senior ManagerLeading Consulting Company

AI solutions developed for your industry

From healthcare and the life sciences to construction and engineering, retail and consumer technologies, Exponential AI helps enterprise automate key processses and derive better insights with AI, faster.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Exponential AI enables healthcare organizations to increase patient engagement, improve complex decision making, reduce operational expenses and improve employee productivity with process automation.

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Consumer & Retail

AI isn’t the future of supply chain and logistics, it’s the present. We’re redefining customer engagement, supply chain management and administration with intelligent automation.

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Financial Services

Reimagine fraud detection. Identify money laundering. Execute trades, manage portfolios and provide personalized services. All with AI.

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How can AI help your organization?

We make business transformation faster. We enable evidence-based decision making. We turn unstructured content into key business intelligence. And we build in weeks, not months.