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Achieve fully autonomous processes that deliver explainable, transparent and real time decisions easily using a unique decision agent ecosystem.

Improve auto adjudication rates and claims quality with real-time intelligent claim edits. Predict and orchestrate potential claim suspensions to reduce and resolve any manual intervention.
Predict potential Coordination of Benefits (COB) scenarios with real-time AI, leveraging member life events and claim data. Provide proactive recommendations for future actions and resolutions to prevent incorrect payments and streamline downstream recovery.
Leverage GenAI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to assess prior authorization requests and direct them to clinical staff for prompt interventions. Generate real-time requests for information to enhance approval rates and decrease turnaround times, ensuring seamless and efficient processes.
Transform traditional claims audit process from retrospective sample-based audit to prospective real-time AI-enabled audit. Proactively enhance overall claims quality, decrease financial leakage, and improve claims accuracy.
Leverage Vision and Language-based models to extract, comprehend and integrate contract information for downstream Payer operations. Improve data quality, compliance and contract configuration throughput with intelligent workflow integration.
Predict, categorize, and flag claims for potential appeals and grievances using Large Language Models and NLP. Eliminate the likelihood of future appeals and grievances, enhance provider and member satisfaction, and improve overall claims quality.

What's Different

Achieve fully-autonomous processes that deliver explainable, transparent and
assured real-time decisions easily using a unique Decision Agent Ecosystem.

Speed To Market

Select and orchestrate pre-built agents for a quick start. Upskill agents to work for your data and your workflows.


Unlock the ability to extend or reuse agents across different solutions to accelerate AI adoption within your enterprise.

Transparency, Control, Ownership

Train decision agents on your data and in your environment to deliver transparent, explainable, and trusted decisions.

Continuous Learning

Continuously improve, evolve and adapt your processes by enabling agents to learn from implicit and explicit feedback.

Make Real-Time Healthcare Decisions

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