• Build 3X Faster
  • More than 60% savings
  • Production Ready in less than 90 Days

Our Decision Intelligence Platform Enso simplifies building, orchestrating and managing decision agents at scale. Enso comes with prebuilt decision agents which can easily be assembled to build Decision Intelligence solutions that continuously improve with more data, insights and decisions.

Decision Agents are Intelligent Digital Workers, that can be easily trained to make decision like humans. Agents can be trained to become experts and continuously learn from decision they have made and the feedback they receive to continuously improve decision making across your processes.

ENSO Modules


  • Enso Canvas is a visual drag and drop studio that simplifies building, training, orchestrating and deploying Decision Agents in a solutions.
  • Canvas gives you access to all the prebuilt Decision Agents and allows you to assemble them and custom built agents into solutions, dramatically speeding up delivery of AI solutions into production.
  • Canvas provides superior extensibility across all components enabling you to work and train and deploy Decision Agents using your data, your models into your processes.


  • Edge is the Business User Interface that enables operators to review assess and mange decisions delivered by decision agents for all managed work items.
  • Edge provides confidence score for each recommendation / decision and allows you to provide feed back to continuously train the decision agents for higher accuracy and assurance.


  • Enso Pulse is a Decision Intelligence Dashboard that gives you Decision and Operational Insights that helps you manage your low touch / autonomous process in Realtime.
  • It enables you to track the evolution on decision agents and the quality of decision over time to guide adjustments to decision models.
  • Pulse enables you to manage the performance of decision agents to deliver transparent, predictable and explainable decisions.

Outcomes Delivered

Automated Decisions Every Day

Models deployed on the Platform

Solutions in use across industries



Enso allows you to deploy in weeks, not months enabling rapid acceleration of business transformation.

Pre-trained Decision Agents

Enso comes with pre-built domain specific decision agents that can infer, comprehend, recommend and decide.


Enso enables easy reusability of Decision Agents across solutions within the Enterprise to drive easy adoption and faster scaling.

Continuous Learning

Enso enables continuous improvement in the enterprise by learning from both implicit and explicit feedback.

Enterprise Grade

Enso provides enterprise features of scalability and security with tremendous flexibility to extend the platform capabilities .

Case Studies

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Adopt and scale intelligent decision making across your enterprise to boost engagement and enhance operational efficiencies.