Deploy Rapidly. Scale Easily.

Enso rapidly simplifies the process of building, deploying and scaling AI solutions for the automation of complex enterprise processes. Enso extracts, enriches and derives actionable and evidence-based insights from unstructured content to unlock enterprise value and deliver enhanced customer experiences.


With Enso, Exponential AI solves for the processing and deriving of actionable insights from unstructured content which forms of 85% of all  Enterprise data. 


Develop and deploy AI solutions on Enso that are simple to use, flexible, easily extensible and integrate with your stack. Enso AI deploys continuous learning tools in weeks, not months.

Decision Making

All applications we provide aim at providing support to decision making. Enso moves data to knowledge, and its traceability and repeatability brings in evidence.


Enables business to leverage AI to automate complex process to deliver enhanced customer experience, deliver superior productivity and unlock enterprise value. 


Our enterprise grade AI Platform – Enso enables us to create value in production in less than three months accelerating digital transformation in enterprises.  

Our Enso Product Suite


Enso rapidly simplifies the process of building, deploying, and scaling AI solutions for automation and evidence-based decision making.  Enso comes with rich functionalities to orchestrate multiple AI building blocks and solution components, leverage AI and ML techniques to extract and enrich unstructured information to deliver actionable insights and run ML OPS.

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Enso Pulse

Enso Pulse is a real-time operational insights platform, enabling advanced operational decision making. With an interactive management dashboard, Pulse lets you manage various components of digital processes and measure performance and impact.   The cloud-based deployment auto-scales to meet demand. The cloud-based deployment auto-scales to meet demand, ensuring that maximizes business value realization.

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Enso Spectrum

Enso Spectrum is an information and knowledge exploration module that enables users to connect to a vast array of data and enrich once-siloed data from around the enterprise. Spectrum supports data profiling, metadata curation, master data management and insights exploration. Spectrum is built to arm your organization with insight, and to fuel your enterprise-wide digital transformation.

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Enso Works Across Industries

Exponential AI helps enterprises increase customer engagement, improves complex enterprise decision making, reduce operational expenses  and boosts operational efficiency.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Exponential AI enables healthcare organizations to increase patient engagement, improve complex decision making, reduce operational expenses and improve employee productivity.

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Consumer & Retail

Exponential AI enables consumer and retail enterprises to drive personalized customer engagement, boost operational efficiency and enable real time evidence based decision making.

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Financial Services

Exponential AI enables financial services organizations to reimagine customer engagement, improve regulatory compliance, reduce operational expenses and automate complex processes.

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Exponential AI’s Enso Platform enabled us to rapidly extract meaningful information from medical charts enabling multiple business outcomes for our different clients.

Chief Digital OfficerLeading Healthcare Company

Exponential AI has been a tremendous partner in enabling us to implement AI as a hybrid solution offering across multiple industries within our portfolio.

Practice LeadLead Consulting Firm

Exponential AI’s team was very easy to work with and understood our business very well. They helped us identify opportunities for us of AI to improve business outcomes.

DirectorFortune 100 Company

In six weeks, we were able to create proof of value for our stake holders. Such quick turn around enabled the client to make an informed decision for using Ai in their business.

Senior ManagerLeading Consulting Company