Exponential AI, a leader in Decision Intelligence, delivers Enterprise AI software that transforms decision-making to create autonomous processes that unlock digital scale. Exponential AI’s ENSO Decision Intelligence Platform and AI solutions have generated transformational strategic, financial, and operational outcomes for multiple fortune 50s in healthcare and financial services.   

Exponential AI is based in Atlanta, Georgia.   

To highlight and further understand what Exponential AI stands for and seeks to explore in this segment, I sat down with Nikhil Mendhi, who serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.   

Below is an excerpt. As a journalist, I find Exponential AI quite striking. From the emotional branding standpoint, it has that appeal.   

How did you come up with the brand name? And please brief us about the history so far.   

One of the key tenets of why we decided to start Exponential AI is to increase the adoption of Artificial Intelligence with our clients and large organizations. If you look at history, technology adoption has been low especially in the healthcare industry, and we wanted to build something that would help accelerate technology adoption in the industry. The brand name ‘Exponential AI’ coincides with our core concept of accelerating the adoption of AI technology exponentially.   

 ‘We Want to Become the Decision Intelligence Platform of Choice for Most of the Fortune 500 Enterprises’: 
Nikhil Mendhi, COO of Exponential AI 
“We make the entire lifecycle of building the AI-enabled solution much easier and faster — with our decision intelligence platform.” 

How innovative is the Exponential AI platform?   

Artificial Intelligence at scale is difficult and we enable that — that’s what makes us unique and most innovative. Today, if you look at how artificial intelligence is adopted or deployed, or even purchased by organizations, it’s mainly used for predictive modelling and insights, data mining inference and recommendations. And most of this is retrospective in nature. Where you use historical data, to train the algorithms, and then analyze the recommendations of algorithms. But for those recommendations to convert into actions, you still have humans who are taking decisions by interpreting and analyzing these recommendations to trigger the appropriate actions.   

We enable the application of AI for decision making for real-time transactions. We don’t just stop at data mining for recommendations, but also extend the use of AI for accurate and contextual analysis and application of recommendations to drive complex machine decisions that deliver autonomous processes at scale. With our unique decision agent approach, we analyze the quality outcomes generated by historical and current decisions to enable intelligent machine-driven decisions autonomously, which makes things much more scalable and flexible. And doing it in a live transaction makes us a lot faster and valuable too.    

What can you tell us about your ENSO Decision Intelligence platform?   

ENSO is the platform that we use to build, train, deploy and manage our decision agents. We break down every process into its constituent decisions and then build decision agents that are trained for making these functional decisions, not only repeatedly, but also during live transactions. ENSO is the platform where all these decisions intelligence agents reside and we provide a low code UI that enables end-users to drag and drop these decision agents into the sequence or the flow that mimics their process.    

Importantly, we make the entire lifecycle of building the AI-enabled solution much easier and faster — with our decision intelligence platform. It has a pre-built library of pretrained decision agents that is available to clients that they can use to get a head start in their AI journey.   

ENSO is the platform that we use to deploy our decision agents. We break down processes into small decisions which are a subset of these processes. And then we build decision agents that are trained for making these functional decisions, not only repeatedly, but also in the live transaction.

Given how the Covid-19 pandemic played a spoilsport for many businesses worldwide, how did the company counter the crisis the pandemic unleashed?   

Putting aside the devastating economic and social disruptions it has left behind, it has accelerated the use of smart technologies to enable business functions in a new way. This trend has helped us quite a bit as most of our clients are in the healthcare industry. We have payers, providers, and life sciences corporations that are our clients. As most of the workforce went remote, we accelerated our roadmap to operate at a higher scale and bring more features to our customers to help them adapt and respond to emerging needs and challenges in context of Covid and the overall evolution towards a more digital healthcare. This has helped us to accelerate our thinking about how decision intelligence is going to evolve in the future and transform how organizations are going to execute AI-enabled operations. So, all in all, the pandemic did help us. It accelerated AI adoption and demand.    

Will Exponential AI be updating its product suite?    

Absolutely! We are doubling down on having more than three platform releases every year. We will continue to evolve our decision intelligence platform and to make the entire AI journey much easier and smoother for any new client that we come across in the future.   

Currently focused on healthcare, we plan to go beyond and diversify into financial services and manufacturing. That’s going to drive product evolution as well. And that’s the journey we are on and very excited about. We want to become the decision intelligence platform of choice for most of the Fortune 500 enterprises.   

Nikhil serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Exponential AI. He is a seasoned and visionary executive with over 15 years of experience in leading high growth ventures. Nikhil has successfully led large scale transformations and enterprise-wide initiatives for Fortune 500 Conglomerates in US, South America, Middle East, and Asia. He has extensive experience in transforming operations, product development, platform delivery, strategic planning and change management. Prior to Exponential AI, Nikhil was Vice President and Practice Leader at HM Health Solutions, a Highmark Health growth venture, where he led delivery of large-scale transformations and product development with high client satisfaction.   

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