Exponential AI’s Chief Revenue Office, Florian Quarré, recently sat down with Sramana Mitra, Founder and CEO of One Million by One Million. Below is a portion of what Florian had to say; to read the interview in its entirety, visit One Million by One Million.

“Exponential AI is an AI platform focused on accompanying our clients through their digital transformation journey.

There are three prongs that we believe help our clients. Large companies can then go through the discovery of what AI is about and how they can use it within their environment. The first one that is core to our business is our platform.

The purpose of our platform is to bring together development and production of AI models so that we can evolve from a problem that you are tinkering on and have the ability to bring it all the way to production with the scale and strength of a business that runs millions of analysis.

The second part that we bring to the table, which is a differentiated factor for us is a methodology where we operate very quickly through prototyping, validating the business problems that try to be solved with data science and AI models, and ultimately move into production very quickly.

We demonstrate an understanding and a feasibility of solving problems very quickly, and not get stuck in oblivion. That unlocks the paralysis that is common with trying to solve too big of a problem with the wrong tools.

The final one that we’re looking to is differentiated techno-functional talents. When we go at a problem, we don’t go at it just from the angle of data or just from the angle of ops. We ask ourselves, from each of the vantage points, what is the techno-functional definition of a problem we’re trying to solve for.

How can we break that problem into small chunks, iterate extremely quickly with the use of various pre-wired models in our platform? As we express the problem in a business fashion and look at it from a data science fashion, we bring together an assembly of answers that allow us to move forward very quickly.

That’s the positioning for Exponential AI. It helps our clients think through the problem through the lens of decision intelligence and making better decisions with data that they might acquire from a very disparate set of data sources.”

Read the entire conversation and learn more about several use cases in life sciences, healthcare, and retail at One Million by One Million.

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