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The Financial Services industry is facing headwinds of change from all directions, increasing threats from new technology-driven nimble competitors, growing regulatory compliance requirements, changing customer requirements and behavioral patterns. Enterprises need to deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences across channels and offering consistent experiences across touch points, devices, anytime. Financial services companies are expected to provide superior customer experiences while simultaneously reducing the cost and time of delivery.

Enterprises are turning to technologies such as AI and ML to deliver in the Digital Economy. While traditional rule-based systems and manually operated processes are struggling to cope with this change in pace, AI and ML are being seamlessly integrated with existing processes to boost operational effectiveness in providing the outputs at digital speeds.

Exponential AI enables Financial Services organizations to increase customer engagement through real time personalization of engagement, improves regulatory compliance through application of AI & ML, reduce operational expenses and boosts operational efficiency through intelligent automation.

Using Exponential AI’s platform Enso, industry leaders have been able to deploy intelligent solutions in production for building intelligent customer personas by leveraging AI, enabling real time personalization, driving compliance reporting, automating customer on boarding and automating invoice reconciliation process.

Case Studies

Automation of pricing intelligence for a leading financial services company


An Exponential AI client in the retail currency exchange services industry was looking to automate the gathering of pricing intelligence information in real-time and gaining insights into macro and micro trends effecting pricing to offer better  deals to customers in real time.


Exponential AI deployed intelligent bots to quickly scrape currency and exchange data from multiple sources, intelligently recommend the pricing value in real-time, based on the historical purchase patterns,  rate dynamics etc and recommend appropriate exchange prices.

During the analysis of the macro and micro trends, migrant labor work force was identified as a strong influencer in determining the demand from the market. Exponential AI identified alternate data sources like construction activity, motel availability, home sales, rentals, new project announcements etc for building a successful predictive and insight-generating model that enabled better price offerings to customers.


  • 98% time reduction in information gathering for pricing intelligence enabling near real time offerings.
  • 23% cost saving due to improvements in currency acquisition rates


We partner in the intricate digital transformation of our clients’ businesses, bringing industry and technical expertise, and leveraging a disciplined methodology to solving complex business problems with AI solutions. Our enterprise grade AI Platform – Enso allows us to create value in production in less than three months.

How can AI help your organization?

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