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The Consumer and Retail industry has witnessed the maximum impact from the fast-changing consumption landscape and is a battlefield for hyper-competitions. With the onset of digitally driven customer engagement and operating models, traditional enterprises are playing catch up to the digitally native, having to overhaul their existing systems while at the same time run new digital divisions.

It is crucial for enterprises to adopt and integrate technologies such as AI to transform existing processes to support digital operating models to meet highly personalized customer needs.

It is critical to also achieve highly responsive supply chain and logistics capabilities across the value chain form goods producers to distribution channels in order to deliver the digital experience to the consumer.

Exponential AI enables Consumer and Retail enterprises to increase customer engagement through real time personalization and contextual insights, improves complex enterprise decision making through application of AI & ML, reduce operational expenses and boosts operational efficiency through intelligent automation.

Using Exponential AI’s platform Enso, industry leaders have been able to deploy intelligent solutions in production for enabling real time pricing intelligence, driving real time marketing compliance, automating the accounts payable process, automating claims processing and more.

Case Studies

Automation of store marketing compliance for a leading consumer electronics company


Our client wanted to automate the process of compliance verification of products and marketing material placement to the officially published store planogram. The existing manual process of compliance verification was expensive and was not yielding desired results.


Exponential AI used it enterprise AI platform Enso to create deep learning and machine learning models (computer vision) that could identify objects from images of different stores. Once the objects were identified, they were compared to the planogram requirement and specifications.

The compliance checks revolved around both the store positions and angle placement of various products, and the placement of appropriate marketing material throughout the store. After checking images for the above, the models classified each store as either compliant or non-compliant and notified Compliance Managers accordingly.


  • Store compliance improved by 80%, resulting in an increase in benchmark revenue
  • Costs associated with manual store compliance were reduced by 60


We partner in the intricate digital transformation of our clients’ businesses, bringing industry and technical expertise, and leveraging a disciplined methodology to solving complex business problems with AI solutions. Our enterprise grade AI Platform – Enso allows us to create value in production in less than three months

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