Enso AI is deployed wherever process automation and data intelligence can create value for enterprise. 

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Exponential AI enables healthcare organizations to increase patient engagement, improve complex decision making, reduce operational expenses and improve employee productivity with process automation.  Exponential AI is also transforming research and life sciences, enabling medications to come to market faster and with real-world evidence.    

Using Enso leaders in health care and life sciences have deployed AI in:

Claim Adjudication  |  Medical Chart Digitization and Abstraction  |  Patient Engagement  |  Invoice Reconciliation and Processing

We’ve redefined processes with intelligent automation, rethought customer interfaces, supported product development and improved operations. We have automated patient personalization at scale in real time for greater engagement. And we have used our automation and intelligence tools to extract, enrich, validate, interpret and learn from data. 


  • Reduce ROI Time by 82% 
  • Reduce cost of claims processing by 36% 
  • Improve coding efficiency by 40% 
  • Improved pharmacovigilance operational efficiency by 43% 
  • Accelerated clinical trial operations by 36% 
  • Automated value accesses pricing framework 40% 

Consumer and Retail

AI isn’t the future of supply chain and logistics, it’s the present. We’re redefining customer engagement, supply chain management and inventory administration with intelligent automation.

We’re enabling product marketing, product personalization, sales management and better customer support and service with AI.  We’re leading efforts in procurement management, inventory management, and transportation.  

Our automated intelligence platform supports retail and consumer brands, at scale. 


  • We’ve Improved customer loyalty for one major national brand 28% 
  • Enso Reduced delays and cost for order management by 45% for another international company
  • Exponential AI Increased operational agility (demand forecasting and supply chain planning) by 28% for a Fortune 500

Financial Services

Financial Services firms today understand that technology can improve operations, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. At Exponential AI, we’re applying AI to reshape financial firms from internal operations to customer experience to treasury services and payments and beyond.

We’re building tools that analyze turn data—structured and unstructured—into insights for faster, smarter decision-making. And, we’re supporting efforts to root out fraud and money laundering. We’re building automation into payments processing and creating a better customer experience.

The worlds most successful financial institutions are using AI today. What can Exponential help you build, or protect?


  • We’ve reduced information retrieval time by 90%
  • We’ve reduced acquisition rates by 30%
  • We’ve pumped an additional 20% into revenues with predictive pricing

How can AI help your organization?

We make business transformation faster. We enable evidence-based decision making. We turn unstructured content into key business intelligence. And we build in weeks, not months.

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