Since the dawn of modern medicine, the healthcare industry has never once seen a dip in demand. With the advancements made in healthcare IT (HIT), patient experiences have improved to levels never seen before. However, legacy systems, complex business rules, and fragmented data make implementing new technology a very challenging task. Healthcare organizations across the globe continue to spend considerable amount of time and resources in maintaining their legacy infrastructure. This is simply notideal in the current economic and social climate. The COVID-19 pandemic further emphasized the shortcomings of legacy systems. To address this, healthcare professionals are now incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive change from within their ecosystems. Exponential AI, an enterprise AI platform provider dedicated to ushering in a new era of technological and medical harmony, stands at the end of that search with its scalable, evidence-based decision making AI products. “We want to accelerate the adoption of AI throughout healthcare and empower organizations to overcome the many operational, regulatory, and bureaucratic complexities that inhibit the industry,” expresses Nikhil Mendhi, COO of Exponential AI. Exponential AI seeks to enable healthcare organizations to take charge of their own digital transformation through its state-of-the-art AI platform: Enso.

The company’s powerful yet easy-to-use decision platform streamlines and simplifies the process of building, training, deploying, and smart scaling AI solutions. Enso comes with numerous pre-trained algorithms, pre-built services, and components specifically architected for high-volume healthcare environments. “A typical organization would take about eight months to build, train, and deploy a new production ready AI solution. With our platform, we reduce this lifecycle by more than 50 percent” states Nikhil. Exponential AI promises that all organizations can bring their automation dreams into reality in less than three months. Furthermore, the company’s platform has several advanced features and functionalities that allow it to orchestrate multiple AI building blocks and solution components as well as leverage AI and ML techniques to extract and enrich unstructured information to deliver real-time actionable insights and decisions in high transaction environments. Enso, through its pre-built document digitization capabilities, can digitize and harmonize information sourced across any format used throughout the healthcare realm and organize it to increase accessibility and make data AI-ready.

Exponential AI strongly believes that every healthcare organization will have to make AI a core competency. Enso will enable organizations to move up the decision intelligence maturity curve, breaking away from siloed proof points in favor of centrally managed, monitored, and explicable AI and Machine Learning. Enso’s ability to be the enterprise-wide ecosystem for all enterprise decision intelligence creates a snowball effect across functions adopting AI for their transformation. 

With Exponential AI’s Enso platform and product suite, healthcare organizations all over the world can expect to take full control of them digital transformation to improve the quality and cost of healthcare. As an integral offering, Exponential Ai’s Pulse focuses on delivering real-time operational insights for advanced operational decision making.

The company currently maintains a robust pipeline of solutions that it plans to roll out sequentially throughout the next two years. The company’s key focus will be on driving change for healthcare.

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