Transform Financial Outcomes with Decision Intelligence

Unlock unique value with our Decision Agents for Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is facing headwinds of change from all directions, increasing threats from new technology-driven nimble competitors, growing regulatory compliance requirements, changing customer requirements and behavioural patterns. Enterprises need to deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences across channels and offering consistent experiences across touch points, devices, anytime. Financial services companies are expected to provide superior customer experiences while simultaneously reducing the cost and time of delivery.

Exponential AI’s Decision Agent driven Decision Intelligence solutions helps financial services organizations to re-imagine customer engagement, improve regulatory compliance, reduce operational expenses and automate complex processes.

How to get started with Decision Intelligence

Custom Solutions

Leverage our no code platform, Enso to build and manage unique Decision Intelligence solutions that can best address your business challenges

Intelligent Automation

Layer your automation efforts with Intelligence with Decision Agents to deliver zero touch, autonomous processes.

Drive Business Impact across your processes

We offer decision agents – AI trained digital workers, with pre trained health plan expertise to help you achieve your transformational business outcomes


Reduction in Costs

We have delivered cost savings through decision automation across contract risk management and loan processing


Improvement in Operational Efficiency

We have delivered outcomes across, pricing intelligence, loan origination and risk management


Increase in Engagement

We have improved customer experience and engagement by automating and personalizing customer interactions at scale

Why Us

We offer a unique Decision Agent Framework with the ability to deliver explainable, transparent and assured decision-making to enable fully-autonomous processes to achieve transformational outcomes. 

Speed to market

Leverage Pre-built, domain specific decision agents to quickly orchestrate them into solutions and get started immediately. Easily upskill decision agents to work within your workflows for faster ROI


Unlock the ability to re-using capabilities across different solutions enabling enterprises to create the outcome driven AI solutions

Transparency, Control, Ownership

Train Decision agents with your data, in your environment to drive transparent, explainable and trusted decisions

Continuous Learning

Decision Agents enable continuous improvement in decision making by learning from both implicit and explicit feedback

Case Studies

How can decision intelligence help your organization?

Adopt and scale intelligent decision making across your enterprise to boost engagement and enhance operational efficiencies.