Atlanta, Georgia — Exponential AI, formerly Exponential Machines, a leader in enterprise AI for Intelligent Automation and Decision Intelligence, announced today the release of Enso 9.0 – the latest release of its Intelligent Automation platform.

Enso rapidly simplifies the process of building, deploying, and scaling enterprise grade AI solutions. It enables evidence-based decision making, accelerates the automation of complex enterprise processes, and continuously gathers feedback to nurture, curate and continuously learn from strategic and operational knowledge.

Enso delivers four major AI capabilities to its end-users: Data Harmonization, Unstructured Inference, Decision Intelligence, and Intelligent Actions.

The latest release of Enso includes the following key upgrades which will help users to accelerate the process of building and deploying intelligent decision and automation solutions:

  • Annotation Tool Upgrade: Enso has been upgraded with an Annotation Tool for identifying unstructured content, which reduces the time taken to create training data and lowers errors that occur due to the prescriptive nature of the tool.
  • Enhancements to Assisted Extraction: Enso’s capability for assisted extraction has been drastically enhanced by calibrating intelligent document extraction models to golden data for higher accuracy.
  • Document Recognition & Classification Boosted: The document recognition and classification capability has been boosted with the new capability to train and configure models with different types of document groups under the same domain.
  • Tenor Flow 2.0 Support: Enso now supports the execution of models built using Tensor Flow 2.0.
  • Upgraded Auto ML: Enso’s Auto ML functionality has been upgraded to provide recommendations on the most complete models when multiple layers of feedback constantly create new model versions.
  • Real-Time Feedback Enhancements: Enso support for real-time feedback has been enhanced by enabling continuous integration into models, improving feedback management.
  • Traceable Document Lineage: Enso now enables users to trace document lineage across solution pipelines as well as detect points of failure to enable smooth functioning of processes.

Founded in 2016, Exponential AI is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and maintains a Research and Development center in Hyderabad India. Exponential AI has partnered with leading Fortune 50 organizations across multiple industries, including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail and Finance. Exponential AI licenses its Intelligent Automation Platform Enso, Intelligent Solutions for Health Document Digitization, Health Claims Audit, Patient Management, and custom AI services to assist in complex digital transformation of enterprise organizations.

Visit our website to learn more about our Decision Intelligence Suite.

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