Exponential AI’s enterprise-grade AI Platform, Enso, can enable organizations to create value in production in less than three months. 

Organizations today need to make swift and confident decisions based on their insights from vast amounts of information. One of the pillars for any organization’s success is based on how they adopt innovation and AI to make these effective day-to-day decisions that are more repeatable in nature. AI can help automate these decisions by continuously measuring the outcome of their actions, by learning and formulating their next strategic and operational moves.

Today, using AI can empower an organization to focus on the decisions that can help improve its presence in the market and earn more revenue, rather than having to focus on things that are distracting and take the attention away from its customers and clients. Exponential AI’s enterprise-grade AI Platform, Enso, can enable organizations to create value in production in less than three months. Exponential AI has partnered with leading Fortune 50 clients across Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, and Financial Services, accelerating their enterprise digital transformations with AI. 

If the client has a very clear use case, we can, with our platform-driven approach, turn around POC (proofs-of-concept) that can show clear success in a 10 to 14 weeks’ timeframe,” said Nikhil Mendhi, COO of Exponential AI. The company has been able to deliver success for its clients in such a short frame of time whenever an organization has realized the areas that it wants to transform using AI and how they are collecting data in these areas. Exponential AI uses this data to help train algorithms that are highly responsive and productive once they are put into production. “With Enso, our platform and our agent-driven approach, we are accelerating organizational adoption of AI,” he added. 

The key here is the Exponential AI’s platform-driven approach. The platform’s architecture enables the algorithms to learn continuously in the real-time environment. And these learnings can be translated into foresights in real-time as well, which enables accelerated adoption of AI. But how does it work? “When you have an AI platform, it comes with pre-configured algorithms that you can apply to the client data. You can test which algorithms are giving you better recommendations compared to others so that you can promote the best algorithm into production to get the best results,” answered the COO.

The COVID-19 pandemic had turned the market conditions upside down. Every organization is now being more careful than ever in terms of decision-making. Exponential AI has made its platform more scalable to help companies in these trying times. Its Decision Intelligence Platform Enso simplifies building, orchestrating, and managing decisions at scale by deploying agents. Every Enso agent specializes in a specific business function, and the platform’s low-code/no-code UI allows you to assemble agents into a process. These agents can build Decision Intelligence solutions that continuously improve with more data, insights, and decisions. This makes the entire idea of deploying an AI solution much faster, and it also accelerates the ROI for the business case that you are deploying the solution for.

But how does Exponential AI manage to understand a company’s operational culture before strategizing a solution for them? “AI relies a lot on historical data. And that is where the power of our AI platform comes into play. Our platform, Enso, is very flexible. We go to the client, request some sample data, and train our algorithms on our platform using the sample data. This initial training helps us understand the client’s processes better, and then we present quick POC (proof of concepts) on what to expect,” explained the COO.

Exponential AI is really solving all the core problems that exist across industries. “And we are solving it in a real-time fashion rather than having to do analysis, then trending, making recommendations, and then presenting the results. Ours is a robust platform that is flexible and has a scalable UI. It deploys solutions faster and also enables organizations to adopt the solutions faster,” exclaimed Nikhil.

Whether you are a small business with limited resources or a large multinational, every organization can use Exponential AI’s expertise to make high-value decisions for growth. And if you have identified the areas you want to grow in, what are you waiting for? You can adopt AI solutions faster and improve your business swiftly.

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