DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Job Description

We seek a Kubernetes power user, skilled in YAML, with an aptitude for basic coding and debugging. Experience in Machine Learning (ML) will be advantageous, as you will collaborate with our xAI solution engineers. Effective English communication skills are mandatory.


● Cloud experience – AWS/Azure/GCP 1 plus year

● Kubernetes

● Elastic Search

● Monitoring and alerting

       ■ Cloudwatch or other monitoring service

● Database Admin Experience

       ■ SQL – postgres or other SQL database

       ■ NOSQL – mongodb

● Experience with deployment of databases on Kubernetes

      ■ Statefulset

      ■ Deployment

      ■ PVC

      ■ Configmap

● Linux OS experience (2 years+)

● Others

   ○ Monitoring Kubernetes workloads – prometheus, grafana

   ○ CI/CD pipeline hands-on-experience

   ○ Bash scripting

   ○ Python

● ML

   ○ ML Ops understanding would be a plus

   ○ ML Python libraries experience would be a plus

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