Software Engineer - Machine Learning

ML Engineer

Job Description

We are seeking a dynamic and astute software professional with a flair for solving complex problems using algorithm design and analysis. You should be adept at Python programming, willing to learn new technologies, and have an inclination towards building versatile products. Working in a startup setting, you will be expected to manage end-to-end responsibilities, crafting well-structured, maintainable code.


 Must Have: 

  • Be sharp at Algorithm Design and Complexity Analysis, solving new problems with ease with effective and computationally efficient methods 
  • Enjoy programming and be comfortable with Object Oriented Programming in Python 
  • Eager to quickly learn new concepts, languages, tools and technologies as required 
  • Enjoy building products that are generic and can cater to multiple tenants, through appropriate parameterization/abstraction 
  • Be excited to work in a startup environment and take end-to-end responsibilities working with the co-team members 
  • Write clean, maintainable, and well-tested code 
  • Engage in the full development life-cycle including architectural design and testing 
  • Solid understanding of distributed systems – Microservices/Reactive architecture, event driven systems, NoSQL databases, queues, caching, docker containers, etc. 

Good to have: 

  • Have demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for Machine Learning through projects, products, etc. Ability to develop new ML models and frameworks from scratch 
  • Understanding of Deep Learning and ML algorithms such as Gradient Boosting, Random Forest, SVM etc 
  • Prior experience with ML libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Spark-MLLib will be a plus 
  • Experience working with Kubernetes, AWS/Azure/GCE managed services 

Typical Education background: 

  • Computer Science & Engineering. 

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