Our client sought to automate its Release of Information (ROI) process an extremely time consuming, manual process. The staff spent most of their time retrieving ROI requests from various sources, in service of more than a million requests annually. With an average time to fulfill each ROI request at 50 hours, a faster and more future-proof solution was needed.


Exponential AI leveraged Robotic Process Automation to build a suite of attended and unattended bots that automate the request fulfilment process. Bots consolidate ROI requests from multiple sources and carry out data entry into the Audit System allocating requests to multiple CSRs. The CSRs run attended bots to retrieve medical records from EMR System and run the following activities, patient look up, release look up, request letter generation, billing generation and hand off to fulfilment queue.


– Productivity Gain: Reduced Average time for process by more than 80%
– Increased process throughput by 6X
– ROI – 3 months